Friday, January 17, 2020

8:00am    Registration – Lobby of Choral Rehearsal Hall

8:30am    Welcome and Introduction

9:00am   Session: “Developing Tone and Promoting Vocal Health in the Choral Rehearsal” 

(50-minute session) with Dr. Phillip Stockton (CRH)

One of the most challenging tasks as a choral director is teaching singers proper vocal technique while at the same time not sacrificing our instrument. We will explore tips and techniques to develop proper choral tone in rehearsal to achieve a richer sound. We will also discuss ways to promote and preserve vocal health for the singer and conductor.

10:00am  Session: “Owning Your Voice in Style: Implementing Classical Singing"

Technique into Your Musical Theatre Sound” (50-minute session)  

with Dr. Garrett Torbert and Dr. Christy Lee, pianist (CRH)

   This presentation will provide a discussion and demonstration of the pedagogy and practice of musical theatre singing while engaging classical singing technique. 

   Rehearsal with Dr. Sophie Wang for master class participants 

(Dr. Wang’s studio)

11:00am   Lunch (on your own), 2-hour break

1:00pm    Master Class with Indra Thomas (CRH)

(90-minute session)  Internationally-acclaimed opera singer Indra Thomas will work with students on vocal technique,character, and expression, as well as sharing insights about the professional singing world.  

2:30pm    15-minute break

2:45pm  Session: “Music Therapy in Action” with Dr. Carmen Osburn (CRH)

(75-minute session)  Description coming soon. 

Rehearsal with Dr. Christy Lee for evening recitalists (First Baptist Church)

4:00pm    Dinner (on your own), 3.5-hour break

7:30pm    MVSI Recital featuring Indra Thomas and selected students 

(First Baptist Church)

Saturday, January 18, 2020

8:30am  Yoga Session: " Breathing to Calm the Mind and Body " with Kate Fabel (Band Hall) (75-minute session)  Yoga practice focuses a great deal on the breath, particularly elongating the inhalation and exhalation to find inner calm both in the mind and the body.  This session will feature yoga breathing exercises paired with gentle movements to encourage a peaceful mind and body.  

 Session: “Just Breathe!” with Dr. Jeanette Fontaine (CRH)

This session will feature discussion and exercises designed to improve breath control, as well as relaxing the mind and body.  

9:45am  15-minute break

10:00am  Q & A Session: “Professional Singing as a Business” with Indra Thomas (CRH)

(50-minute session)  Indra Thomas is an acclaimed soprano who has performed internationally with such companies as the Hamburg State Opera, the Teatro Real in Madrid, and Opera Africa in Johannesburg.  In the United States, she has performed with the Lyric Opera of Chicago, San Diego Opera, Atlanta Opera, Boston Lyric Opera, Minnesota Opera, and the world-famous Metropolitan Opera. She is currently the Director of Opera at Shorter University in Rome, Georgia and continues to perform worldwide. In this session, she will discuss her experiences as a professional singer and answer questions posed by students and faculty.

11:00am  Wrap-up and Q&A with MSU Voice Faculty (CRH)

Symposium Locations Key:

  • CRH  (Choral Rehearsal Hall)         in the Band/Choral Hall - 72 Hardy Road 
  • Dr. Wang’s Studio                    in Music Building B  299-10 Morrill Road
  • First Baptist Church  106 E. Lampkin Street